Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

  • Provision of Medical Care to Drought Affected Livestock Animals in Taluka Mithi, District Tharparkar, Sindh

    Ravi Foundation Pakistan implemented drought response program with, the support from IFAW in Mayiod village in taluka Mithi Tharparkar Province Sindh. Through this program feed and water was provided for draught affected area of district Tharparkar in two most drought affected villages of Taluka Mitti, namely Godhyar and Mayiod. Through drought response program, feed was provided to 2200 animals in two phases. In the second phase, medical and water care facilitation was provided for drought affected animals in Jun and July, 2014. A total 11,748 sick animals were vaccinated in five villages of Tharparkar Taluka Mithi. The livestock are very importance source of income in the target area, because people of this area mainly depend upon animals for their living.

  • Flood Response-distribution of food among flood affected families for their animals

    Ravi Foundation Pakistan (RFP) has implemented four-month project in flood affected areas of district Narowal and Sialkot with the support of IFAW. RFP distributed food items for animals like Wanda (A mixture of dry items) among registered 775 flood affected families (2050 animals). In 1st Phase (20th to 22nd August 2013) RFP was selected 375 families and provided the food for animals. A total 1025 animals were provided food in the form of Wanda in Qilla Ahmadabad, Narowal. In 2nd Phase (11th to 13th September 2013) RFP selected 400 families and provided food for animals. 1025 animals provided food in district Narowal and Sialkot. In 3rd phase of the project, 80 medical camps arranged in district Sialkot and Narowal on 25th Novembers, 2013. A team of expert veterinary Doctors provided medication to the animals. An estimated 4,116 animals were checked by veterinary doctors in the supervision of RFP.

  • Flood Response for Medical Care in District Toba Tek Singh (Medical Camps for flood affected animals)

    Ravi Foundation Pakistan completed a project in the name of “Flood Response for Medical Care’’ in district Toba Tek Singh with the support of IFAW. This is an emergency response fund in flood affected tehsil Kamalia in District Toba Tek Singh. Through this project RFP organized medical camps for the treatment of sick animals during flood. On 29th October, 2013 RFP organized 8-days medical camp for drought affected animals. Mrs. Rafia Ashfaq (Lead person Ravi Foundation) shared the objectives of the medical camp in Tara Hawli to rehabilitate the affected by severe flood in district Toba Tek Sindh tehsil Kamalia. During flood a total, 4000 animals were injured and 6000 animals become sick. RFP with the support of donor attended badly affected 4000 animals in tehsil Kamalia, District Toba Tek Singh.
    Animal day program organized in Chak No. 295 GB. On 4th Oct, 2013. The objective was to organize the program is that to love and care animal. This program was organized with 30 farmers and animal keepers. The purpose of this event was to make aware and sensitize the farmers animal keepers that how they can rightly care and protect their animals. District livestock department officials were invited to guide the farmers and animal’s keepers about the animal care and protection. Animal tonic and feeding methods were discussed with animal keepers to keep animal healthy. The farmers and animal keepers were happy and thankful to RFP. DLO appreciated the struggles and services of RFP.

  • Medical Camp for Flood Affected Animals in District DG Khan

    Ravi Foundation Pakistan organized medical camp in district DG Khan on 11th Nov, 2013 with the support of 1.5 million PKR from IFAW. The duration of the Camp was 8 days. Through this medical camp a total 4053 animals were vaccinated and treated. This medical camp was organized in 8 villages of DG khan. The names of the villages were as following; Basti Bahi, Machi Wala, Cha sari Wala, Bastwala, Badlewala. Sariwala, Kot Chota and Mank wala.

  • . Flood Response for Medical care

    RFP had been completed a project in district Toba Tek Singh with the support of ‘’Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, International (SPCA, International) since 2014. The budget of the project was 2.9 million (PKR). Through this proposed project RFP provided medicine for livestock 279 animals. 38 families facilitated through this project.

  • Drought Response Peafowls

    Ravi Foundation Pakistan implemented this program in June 2012. Under this program, RFP provided vaccination to 5132 affected peafowls with Newcastle viral disease with the financial support of IFAW. Ravi Foundation implemented drought response program in second phase for Peafowls with the financial support from IFAW in District Tharparkar. Through this program RFP vaccinated a total of 5132 peafowls hit by Newcastle viral disease broke out in District Tharparkar in June 2013. IFAW provided support the Sindh Wildlife Department to launch vaccination program for the affected beautiful birds of Thar. For this program IFAW provided a support of 0.8 million for peafowls vaccination.

  • Flood Response in District Sanghar

    Ravi Foundation completed a project in district Sanghar with the support of IFAW & UCAGED UK. In 2011, heavy rains flooded vast areas of Sindh province in Pakistan. Over half a million animals including livestock and working animal were perished. Ravi Foundation provided feed and medical care to four thousand animals in four union councils in Taluka Jam Nawaz Ali, District Sanghar. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Provided Funds for the two animal response programs. Besides IFAW, UCAGED, UK and many individuals donated funds for the response programs.

  • Disaster Response Program for Animals during floods 2010 & 2011

    Ravi Foundation Pakistan completed a project n district Layya with the support of IFAW and budget of the project was 0.3 million PKR. Pakistan faced super flood in 2010 & 2011. Over thirty million people along with river Indus affected and thousands of animals drowned, injured, died and remained starved for feed. Ravi Foundation responded launched its emergency response program for the affected animals in the five union councils of District of Layyah and two union councils in District Jhang, South Punjab, Pakistan. Over thirty five thousand animals were feed in three phases. Under the program one thousands mini-managers made of recycled old tires. Fifty families were provided shelter material for animals to be built in their areas